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Formula: TiO2,

Molecular Weight: 79.90

CAS Registry Number :13463 -67-7

EINECS Registry Number :236 -675-5


Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium dioxide. Are inert pigments, is considered to be the world's best performance of a white pigment. Applications. Titanium dioxide in the rubber industry, both as a coloring agent, but also has reinforced, anti-aging, filling the role. In the white and colored rubber products added to titanium dioxide, in the sunlight, resistant to sun, cracking, discoloration, stretch big and acid. Rubber with titanium dioxide, mainly for automobile tires, and rubber shoes, rubber flooring, gloves, sports equipment, are generally dominated by anatase. However, for the production of automobile tires, often adding a certain amount of rutile products to enhance anti-ozone and UV resistance. Application of titanium dioxide in cosmetics are becoming increasingly widespread. Because non-toxic titanium dioxide, than the lead white is superior, almost all kinds of titanium dioxide powder instead of lead white and zinc white. Powder in only 5% -8% of added titanium dioxide can be permanently white, the flavor is more creamy, with adhesion, absorption, and hiding power. In gouache and cream in a transparent titanium dioxide can be reduced and the feeling greasy. Other spices, sunscreen, soap flakes, white soap and toothpaste are also available titanium dioxide.


Enamel with the transparency of the obtained titanium dioxide, and has a mass of small, strong impact, good mechanical properties, colorful, easy to pollution and so on. Food and medicine for the use of high purity titanium dioxide, heavy metals content is low, hiding power of titanium dioxide.


Titanium dioxide has a high whiteness, chemical stability, high purity, particle distribution, optical properties, high color strength, hiding power, and good dispersion. Widely used in high-grade paper, paint, paint, plastics, rubber, ink and masterbatch industries

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